Looking For Land Between Rackenford Moor and Witheridge Moor

Devon Culm is a new local charity set up to protect, restore and enhance habitats on the culm measures in Northern Devon. We are looking to purchase land for our first nature reserve. We are seeking a relatively small area of land (even an acre or two). Rather than prime agricultural land, we would prefer unproductive wet land which is difficult to farm, but has the potential to support the species of wildlife that depends on culm grassland. We will consider existing culm grassland, or land that can be converted to species-rich grassland which provides the ecological niche that culm grassland provides. This may be land which has been left to become derelict and has become covered in scrub or soft rush. We are happy to pay the market value of the land and will consider any land in our priority area (see map below).

Culm grassland is a habitat which has evolved alongside traditional pastoral farming techniques. Our preferred management technique is therefore to continue, or introduce, sympathetic livestock grazing (likely with cattle). We would seek to work in partnership with either yourself (if you have cattle), or another local grazier to achieve this and to ensure that the land remains in agricultural use, while supporting these valuable wildlife habitats. We are happy to cover any fencing costs.

As well as being a permanently protected area for wildlife, we also envisage that this site will become a valuable community asset. We hope that it will be a useful resource for schools in the area, as well as being a place where people can appreciate the unique wildlife that this part of the county supports.

If you have any land which you think may fit our requirements and which you would consider selling to Devon Culm, please contact Anna and Pete Grugeon using the contact details below.

Tel: 07774 514003

Email: info@devonculm.org.uk

Devon Culm
Based at Bulworthy Project
EX16 8DL