Devon Culm is a charity which has been set up to preserve and enhance habitats on the culm measures. The charity will prioritise the area shown in the aerial view below. This area has been chosen because it contains two of the largest areas of culm grassland in existence, Witheridge Moor in the south and Knowstone and Rackenford Moors and Hares Down in the north. The land between these areas of culm grassland contains a number of smaller fragmented areas of culm grassland and a large amount of semi improved grassland, which could be regenerated to create environmental corridors to allow species to move between the existing habitats, creating an area in which wildlife can flourish. In addition to enhancing and creating habitats, Devon Culm will emphasise building soil carbon through regenerative land management.

Devon Culm was originally conceived as a charity to preserve the land at Bulworthy Project, which has been restored from its previously neglected state, to what Devon Wildlife Trust have described as: “A mosaic of habitats”. This land, along with the business Bulworthy Project, will be left to Devon Culm in the wills of its current owners. In the meantime, Devon Culm is raising funds to purchase land on which to create its first nature reserve. The intention is that, over time, the trust will purchase a number of small plots of land of low agricultural value, within or near the area shown in the aerial photo above.

Although the main focus of the trust is to reconnect and expand the culm, it is not limited to preserving and enhancing culm grassland. Where the trust acquires land with hedges, these will be managed in the traditional style, creating valuable habitat and wildlife corridors. Due to the climatic conditions of the area, the local woodlands are classed as temperate rainforest. Like culm grassland, temperate rainforest is a valuable habitat which has seen its reach reduced massively. The trust will look at the habitats on any land that it acquires, look at the habitat potential of the land and act to increase habitat value wherever possible.

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    Please help us to protect and enhance habitats on the culm measures. The more money we raise, the more effective we can be at promoting biodiversity and abundance.

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